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Air Purifiers- A Safer Way In Delhi?


Coiling gales of polluted air, swathing the whole city can batter down your health that is something we all know, But, is there any hidden corner to escape or any secret weapon to thrash the black snake of dust? Can air purifiers help us? These are some question constantly whipping environmentalists’ minds into frenzy.

Indians are still sceptical about purchasing air purifiers despite Indian cities led by Delhi-National Capital Region (NCR) hogging headlines as some of the world’s worst polluted cities, top manufacturers and retailers said.

The air purifier market is estimated to be about Rs 200-250 crore and though it’s growing at 30-40% this year, three industry executives said the growth is impressive in percentage terms because of the low base and should not be read as a sign that Indians are adapting quickly. And this is despite halving of entry-level prices this year to about Rs 8,000 with over 60 brands operating in this highly cluttered space, they said.

“Air purifier is still hyped up in India and the industry as a whole is expected to make a loss this year considering the huge expenses on marketing and promotion without any commensurate sales,” said Blue StarNSE 2.63 % joint MD B Thiagarajan.

Marketers said the window period for sales is just 1-2 months around Diwali when pollution peaks in the NCR region which alone contributes about 70% of national sales.

But what is ailing air purifiers in India? Marketers say it’s the lack of awareness, the wrong perception that indoor air quality is better than outdoor and the recurring costs involved in changing filters.

Leading retailer Vijay Sales said it had sold 500 units of air purifiers last year in NCR and expects to double it this year. “That is encouraging, considering there was no market even two years ago,” said director Nilesh Gupta. Apart from big brands like Samsung, LG, Whirlpool, Daikin, Panasonic, Philips, Dyson and Xiaomi operating in this space, even FMCG companies like HUL Pureit, Amway and Eveready have ventured into air purifiers making this one of the most congested consumer electronics space.


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