DPCC Collaborated With CSE To Tackle Pollution

Following a meeting today, the CSE in a statement said the three-month-long study with an equipment provided by Japanese instrumentation company Horiba that can do real-time monitoring of pollution level at 10-12 specific locations in the national capital. The instrument for the study will be co-located with the DPCC’s continuous air pollution monitoring stations.

Artificial Lungs Installed in UP to Tackle Depleting Air Quality

The purpose of the artificial lungs is to mimic the functioning of the human lungs. Raising concerns over the depleting air quality in Uttar Pradesh, artificial lungs installed in capital Lucknow in Lalbagh area near Nagar Nigam office turned black within 24 hours.

Walking in Woods Is A Miracle Medicine for Depression

Recent research shows that spending time with nature may bring many health benefits, and many environmental programmes around the world are trying to decrease ‘nature-deficit’ and ‘child-nature disconnectedness’ in order to improve children’s health.

Climate Change Deters Northeast Snow Cover

According to the latest U.S. National Climate Assessment, released on Nov. 23, 2018, winters have warmed three times faster than summers in the Northeast in recent years.