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Foreign Exchange Fluctuation Elevated LPG Prices Up to Rs. 2.89 per Subsidised Cylinder; Rs. 59 for Non-Susbidised Cylinder


In the wake of fluctuations in foreign exchange rated and international prices, the cost of domestic fuel has been raised by Rs. 2.89 on the subsidized cooking gas while the consumers taking non-subsidised LPG cylinder will face a hike of Rs. 59 per cylinder.

The hike will come into effect in October 2018 as per the information disclosed by Indian Oil Corporation (IOC).

This diminutive addition to the subsidised LPG is triggered by GST. The transferred amount in customer’s bank account has been increased from Rs. 320.49 per cylinder in September 2018 to Rs. 376.60 per cylinder in October 2018. “Thus, the domestic subsidised LPG customer is protected against the increase in prices of LPG” said IOC.