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Indian Railways: Book Unreserved Railway Tickets Online with UTS App


Waiting in long queues to purchase tickets at Indian Railways stations will be a thing of the past as Piyush Goyal-led Indian Railways has taken a step in this regard. From November 1, 2018, onwards, the UTS mobile app will be available across the nation for buying unreserved train tickets online, a senior official said recently. While the move was introduced four years ago, it failed to catch on among passengers except in Mumbai, where it was first launched because a large number of people still use local train services to travel. After the financial capital of the country, it was started in Delhi-Palwal and Chennai.

As of now, the national transporter has already implemented the scheme in 15 of its zones with the West Central zonal railway and Northeast Frontier zonal railway being the remaining two zones. Moreover, it is also open for those commuters who wish to purchase train tickets for travelling long distance.

A senior railways official was quoted in a report saying that Indian Railways has been trying to encourage people to use the UTS app more and more. He claimed that the numbers are growing and the national transporter is hopeful that once railway users understand the benefits of the UTS app, they will buy their tickets online. He further said that with certain zonal railways not being a part of the UTS app, a lot of railway users were unable to use it. He added that there was nearly 45 lakh registered UTS app users in the last four years with around 87,000 tickets being bought per day on it on average.

To book tickets through the UTS app, a passenger needs to be around 25-30 metres away from the railway station. However, the UTS app does not allow to book more than four tickets at a time. On the UTS app, not only train tickets can be purchased but also platform tickets as well as monthly passes. The official informed that Indian Railways earns around Rs 45 lakh per day through the online sale of such unreserved tickets.