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IndiGo Offers Great Deals For Its Flyers


IndiGo is up with the best of deals for its domestic flyers with fares starting at ₹899 for domestic flights and at ₹3399 for International flights. The offers are valid from 11th Feb 2019 to 13th Feb 2019. The off- rates are available for travels between 26th Feb 2019 to 26th Sep 2019, as per the airline’s website. 

Under the offer, some attractively priced routes include Delhi to Mumbai flight will cost around Rs 2,424 on 19 September 2019. Whereas, a flight from Delhi to Bengaluru is priced around Rs 2,699 for the same date. A Mumbai to Bengaluru flight will cost you a little more than Rs 2,000, according to the fares available on the IndiGo’s website.

International Destinations

During the offer, Delhi to Dubai flight was observed to be around Rs 6,670 for the one way trip. The same from Mumbai can be availed at Rs 8,114 for 19th Sept 2019. These prices are indicative and subject to change for various dates.

For a Mumbai to Singapore flight, you will be shelling about Rs 7,806. The same will cost around Rs. 7,672 from Delhi.