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Kapil Sharma Show’s Report Card: Saturday’s Show Turned Out to be A Disappointment

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On Saturday’s episode, Kapil welcomed actors and brothers Salman, Ambaaz and Sohail Khan on the show. They were not promoting any movie but were there because Salman is a producer of the show.

Saturday’s episode of The Kapil Sharma Show was a big disappointment. All the jokes fell flat and the unfunny skits dragged on endlessly. New characters were introduced and old ones returned to make the audiences laugh. Meanwhile, host Kapil Sharma found his mojo back only in the second half of the show.

The latest episodes were the first to be shot and therefore, the awkwardness was quite palpable. The team seemed more confident last week, presumably due to having done it once before.

In a bit from the episode, Salman talked about how his fans always do what he says, sometimes even when they shouldn’t. He said when his film Jaaneman was released with Shah Rukh Khan’s Don, he asked them to watch Shah Rukh’s film as a gesture of goodwill. However, he said the fans actually went ahead and watched Don and skipped Jaaneman altogether.

Salman gave his fans fresh scoop about his upcoming movie, Bharat. Salman said that in the movie, he plays a man who doesn’t find love until he is 72. He weaved it into a joke, saying that he is taking that lesson forward in his own life as well. Kapil joked by indirectly asking Salman if he was emulating his character from Bharat by staying single. That was the script (in the film), whom was he following before that, he joked.

In a small bit, Kiku Sharda appears as Baccha Yadav to sell his Baccha Doodh. While messing around with Kapil Sharma, he says the infamous Daisy Shah dialogue from Salman’s film Race 3: My business is my business, none of your business. He says it while ripping his dhoti with a knife, just like Daisy herself. Salman laughs really hard at his impression.

A young girl from the audience had a funny question for Salman. She said that earlier he used to make romantic movies all the time but now he has become focused on movies with a social message. She asked him if he has lost faith in love. While Salman cracked up about his question, she asked to have a dance with him to renew his faith in romance. The two dance to Dil Diyaa Gallan.

An audience member asked the guests who they thought was the strongest between the three of them. While Salman said Arbaaz would be the strongest, a machine was brought in to test their strength. The brothers had to whack the machine with a giant hammer and whoever was able to strike it with most force, would get the highest points. Sohail emerged the winner and was followed by Salman.