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Mumbai-Goa Luxury Cruise booking begins


The journey from Mumbai to Goa is now more fun and luxurious with the launch of India’s first domestic luxury cruise liner Angriya. The cruise, operating on the Mumbai-Goa sea route from last weekend, is a luxurious 7-deck, 131-meter long passenger ship built in Japan. Complete with bars, restaurants, swimming pool, spa and discotheque, the ship can accommodate about 400 passengers.

The journey from Mumbai to Goa takes about 14 hours on this ship and also allows you to enjoy the beauty of both sunrise and sunset against the backdrop of the sea during the journey.

Angriya is propelled by 2 powerful Pielstick 18PC 2-6 engines generating 27000 BHP, which can achieve a speed of 25 knots. Although length-wise the cruise is just 131-meter but a walk around the entire ship is about 4 km.

Angriya charges you Rs 2,000 per person for food during the trip. The cost includes tea, juice, snacks, buffet dinner and breakfast. It also has a 24-hour coffee shop, 6 bars and 2 restaurants. The food includes an array of coastal and regional cuisine of Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka besides global cuisine.

Music & dance (discotheque), pool, spa, reading & recreation room, picture gallery, films of interest are options available. Paid Booking is required for spa and discotheque. However if the discotheque is already full, music may be arranged for you at the pool side. Free entry to pool, bars, restaurants, library, curio shop. Children not allowed in areas where liquor is served and on the Gaaz deck.

If you are going from Mumbai to Goa, the cruise will leave Mumbai at 4 pm and reach Goa the next day at 9 am. From Goa, the Angriya cruise departs at 4 pm and reaches Mumbai at 9 am. Both the to and fro journey timings are such that it allows you to get a taste of both sunrise and sunset during each trip.

Ticket prices range from ₹4,300 for a dorm to ₹7,650 for a double room (plus ₹2,000 for meals), making it as expensive as off-season flights, but more time-consuming. Ticket booking can be done through your travel agent or the website of Angriya Cruise.