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National Tiger Conservation Authority Has Qualms About Mining in Palamu

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IG of National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) of India W Longwah of East Zone Guwahati on Monday afternoon stepped down at Palamu to inspect the two proposed sites of mining and its externalities.

Informing this field director of Palamu tiger reserve Dr Mohan Lal said IG NTCA of East zone W Longwah’s inspection is a pre mining inspection as this senior official came here to see the ground reality of these two sites where if mining starts then what impact it will have on the Palamu tiger reserve’s wild life, its habitat, prey base, movement and passage of wild life and big of all safety and security of wild life since mining activity brings with it many other activities too.

Lal said NTCA IG was accompanied by him and two deputy directors A K Mishra (North) and M K Mahaling (South) division of PTR. The two sites are Purnadeeh in Satbarwa block and Sohragraha in Lesliganj block of Palamu.

Lal said, “The mining of graphite here can only start when environmental clearance (EC) is granted. And EC comes after most tough and meticulous deliberations which include study and review of all aspects with regard to impact of mining on wild life.”

IG NTCA has seen and inspected the two sites and now he will submit his inspection report about these two sites to NTCA Delhi wherein it will be taken down to NBWL (National board Of Wild Life) for EC.

Lal said both sites Purnadeeh and Sohragraha fall within 10 km distance away from our PTR. Purnadeeh is barely 6 Kms away from PTR while Sohragraha is 9.5 Kms away from PTR.

However Lal said the great consolation about these two sites is that there is no presence of wild life nor is there any movement or passage of wild life of PTR here.

Lal agreed that these two sites do come under 10 Kms forbidden stretch under ESZ (eco sensitive zone) of this PTR which is enough to raise hackles but since PTR’s wild life is alien to these locations so far there may not be any more problem for EC.