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Samsung OS Update to Note 8, Galaxy Tabs Rolled Out!


Users with Galaxy Note 8 will get the update in February while Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus users will get the update in March 2019. The month of April will be significant as a number of Samsung devices will get the Pie update in this month. These devices include Galaxy Tab S4 10.5-inches, Galaxy A6, A6 Plus, A7, A8 Plus, A8 Star, A9, J2, J2 Core, J4, J6 Plus, and Galaxy On7 (2018). Galaxy J4 Plus, J6, and J8 devices will get the update in May while Galaxy J7 (2017), J7 Duo, and J7 Neo devices will get the update in July.

The last batch of devices to get the update include Galaxy Tab S3 9.7-inch model that will get the update in August and Galaxy Tab A (2017) and Tab A 10.5 will get the update in October. The company emphasized on providing a “continued great experience” rather than rolling out the update as fast as possible. This is quite evident as by the time Samsung ends the rollout of the update, Google is most likely to already have launched the next major version of Android, the Android 10 Q.

Samsung added that the schedule and the models that will get the update may change with time if the company discovers any issues while working on the update. The company may also halt an update after the official rollout has started in case there is a need for an emergency fix. The company goes on to add that it will keep the users updated about the changes and the situation through the Samsung Members app. The company also noted that it has taken in a lot of user feedback and it is currently working on improving the user experience.

Taking a look at the changes that the new update will bring, Samsung added that it will bring its new and upcoming One UI for Android 9 Pie with a new look and a set of new features. The highlight of the new interface is that the context, settings and other things have been reorganized to increase the focus on the task that user wants to go along with shifting the UI elements towards the bottom of the screen to make navigation easier. Samsung has also added Night mode to ensure that it is easier to use the device at night.

Other changes include improvements in notifications where users can reply to messages from the notification panel, seeing the image thumbnails directly from the notifications and more. The company has also made improvements to its in-house Samsung Keyboard with new adaptive themes, gloating keyboard with new sizes and transparency options, and custom touch and hold delays. The company has removed the Edge panel while improving the performance modes along with the power saving modes.