Facebook-WhatsApp Integration Dates Are Out! Likely to Take Place in 2020

The Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) on Monday warned Facebook over its planned integration of chat services — WhatsApp, Messenger and photo-sharing app Instagram — asking the social media giant to provide it with an “urgent briefing” on the proposals. “The Irish DPC will be very closely scrutinizing Facebook’s plans as they develop, particularly insofar as they involve the sharing and merging of personal data between different Facebook companies,” DPC said in a statement.

Whatsapp Grabbed the 2nd Position After Facebook in the List of Most Favored Social Media Apps

In recent years, Facebook has arguably been the most popular app in a lot of major markets across the globe. WhatsApp faces a tricky road ahead with the Indian assembly election looming large. Plus, both of its founders have left Facebook due to differences with Mark Zuckerberg’s vision for the chat app to introduce ads on the platform. It’ll be interesting to see if the social network’s decisions will have any impact on WhatsApp‘s userbase.