Higher Tax Rate Leaves Csuite In Worry

The budget raised the tax surcharge on incomes between Rs 2 crore and up to Rs 5 crore to 25% from 15%, resulting in a maximum marginal tax rate of 39%, up from 35.88%.



Xiaomi Mi A3 To Launch Tomorrow

The base model with 4GB+64GB will come for 219 Euros, the 6GB+64GB will be priced at 295 Euros, and lastly the top-end 6GB+128GB model will come at 335 Euros.


Study Says Milky Way Galaxy Is “Warped, Twisted” Not Flat

The new 3D map of our galaxy showed that the warped Milky Way disc also contains young stars and the warped spiral pattern is caused by torque from the spinning of the Milky Way’s massive inner disc of stars, according to the study published in the Nature Astronomy journal.