Hyderabad Metro Undefeated On Track

The Hyderabad Metro Rail Ltd (HMRL), touted as the largest Metro project in the world to be implemented in the public-private partnership (PPP) mode has been a big success.


India Start-up Funding gains momentum

India saw a quarter on quarter increase in VC investment buoyed by $1 billion raised by hotel booking company Oyo Rooms to finance its expansion into China.


VR Science Labs For Students By Google And Labster Illustrates

Virtual reality offers the tantalizing prospect of visiting remote locations from the comfort of your home — but it also has educational and scientific applications, as a collaboration between Google and Labster illustrates. Building on a brief May announcement, the companies today confirmed that Daydream users can start to access some of over 30 “virtual labs” under development by Labster, enabling students to conduct unlimited science experiments without actually using lab resources.

Cell Phones Banned In Colleges Of Tamil Nadu

The Tamil Nadu government has banned the use of cell phone in colleges across the state.

According to report, in a circular to this effect has been issued by the Directorate of Collegiate Education to all government, government-aided and self-financing colleges.